Holiday Villa Algarve - Idyllic holidays in the hidden Algarve

Lemon Tree Cottage is a well appointed two bedroom self catering holiday villa offering an
unusually private and peaceful location in the heart of the rural Algarve. Only a 15 min drive
from Loulé and 25 min from Faro airport.
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Our Garden


Set in beautiful Algarvean countryside with panoramic hillside views, our home is an oasis of peace and tranquillity where you can unwind and leave the hubbub of a busy life behind you for a while. Whatever the time of day, you can relax in our gardens or beside the pool.

Whether taking an early morning breakfast on the terrace outside of Lemon Tree Cottage. Or, having a mid-morning coffee and biscuit at one of the tables in the lower gardens. You can chat against a background of unfamiliar sounds from a different world. Sometimes it might be birdsong but if it is a hot day it might just be the sound of insects going about their business pollinating flowers. When did you last see grasshoppers and butterflies in abundance? You cannot fail to spot lizards darting about catching insects in the hot sun. Or one of the many geckos that dart from behind a shutter to do the same in the cool of the evening.

If you sit outside with a glass of wine or your favourite tipple during the evening you will likely hear the Little Owls calling to one another. During night times in March to June you might hear the Tawny Owls hoot their familiar hu ..... hu-hooooo from the many carob trees.

We have terrace lighting around Lemon Tree Cottage so that you can sit outside and chat during the evening or late into the night. We don’t get as many mosquitoes up here in the hills as they do nearer the coast but you should use some insect repellent if you react to insect bites and like to sit outside late into the evening.

We have many fruit trees and you are welcome to take fruit whenever it is in season. There is something special about using a freshly picked lemon for your early evening gin and tonic. Or a freshly squeezed orange for your breakfast. With an orange tree, lemon tree and lime tree all within a few paces of the front door, you can easily help yourself when the trees are in fruit. Lemons are available most of the year and quite different from shop-bought waxed lemons. Eating oranges by the back door are ripe around Christmas time. Up in the orchard, we have orange trees that fruit in March and July and they are most suitable for juicing. Figs that fruit in June and August. Plums that fruit in July and September. Collect almonds to take home in early autumn. Please note that these timings are not guaranteed though.

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